New York Yankees 2009 Tribute – WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS

2000The Yankees would begin the new century much like they ended the old one, and that was at the top of the American League East. However holding on to the division was not that easy, the Yanks only won 87 games and faltered down the stretch including losing 6 straight to the Devil Rays, and Orioles. Going into the playoffs the Yanks looked like easy prey, especially after losing Game 1 of the ALDS to the Oakland Athletics. The Yankees would bounce back to win Game 2 and 3, but after a Game 4 route headed back to Oakland with series on the line for game 5. Prior to the 5th game A’s 3B Eric Chavez was over heard spouting off at how the Yanks were over the hill this would wake the sleeping giant. The Yankees scored six first inning runs and held off the A’s to advance to the ALCS against the Seattle Mariners. After being shut out in the first 17 innings of the ALCS the Yankees break out with seven runs in the eighth and tie the series 1-1. The Yankees bats stayed hot winning Game 3 and Game 4 which was also aided by a Roger Clemens 1-hit shutout to take a 3-1 series lead. After losing Game 5, LCS MVP David Justice hit an Upper Deck HR in the seventh inning to get a stranglehold on the series and advance the Yanks to the World Series. In the World Series the Yankees would face the Mets for the first Subway Series in 44-years. The Subway Series had once been an every year occurrence, but after the Dodgers, and Giants bolted New York the Subway tradition seemed to have hit the last stop. However, a Subway Series seemed destined as early as July 8th when the two teams played a day/night Double Header with 1 game at each stadium. The Yankees would have to rally in Game 1 of the World Series, sending the game to extra innings on Chuck Knoblauch’s sac-fly in the 9th. The Yanks would go on to win the game in 12 innings on Jose Vizcaino’s RBI single. The Yankees would win again in Game 2 to extend their World Series win streak to a record 14 games. However the streak would come to an end at Shea Stadium in Game 3. The Yanks would bounce back immediately in Game 4 as Derek Jeter led things off with a HR, and the Yanks bullpen held off the feisty Mets to give the Yanks a 3-1 series lead. The Yankees would than go on to win their 26th World Championship with Luis Sojo’s single up the middle that scored 2 runs in the top of the ninth of Game 5.


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