This was big! The event was also complete on PPV Cable.  

The 25th anniversary Woodstock celebration wound down today in a sea of mud and trash and amid evidence of anarchy. Security deteriorated and some emergency medical workers compared the scene to a war zone. But the promoters pronounced the event a huge success.

Thousands of people, hauling rain-sodden bedding and wearing garbage-bag ponchos, found themselves forced to stand in a mile-long line for hours before they were able to board shuttle buses that took them to parking lots as far as 30 miles away. Many set out on foot. Some found their cars stuck in the mud at the parking lots and paid local residents as much as $100 to pull them out with tractors.

But through it all, the three-day concert rolled toward its finale with remarkable precision — on two vast stages, four huge video screens and pay-per-view television. In the end, hundreds of thousands of people had gotten what they came for, a mega-concert by some 50 scheduled bands and numerous special guests, executed for the most part without a visible hitch.




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